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Born: June.24.2021   Imported from Serbia!!

She comes from long-lived accomplished Champion and health lines. Very fast athletic girl, loves toys and Good Food drive. Absolutely loves people and is very energetic. She is a sweet girl with a mild drive and of a Velcro nature. She has outstanding intelligence with the eagerness to please her family. She is also fearless, highly protective and devoted to her owner.


All day long is a game to her, she loves to play with anyone and everyone!

Palma Pedigree

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DNA Health Panel 

DNA panel done through ( Veterinary Genetics Laboratory )  Click on link below to see her VGL results.

Palma's Mother


     Palma's - mother (Aristokratia Daria di Altobello) in (Serbia) won champion place for couple yrs in a row. 

NDKH Yearwinner Show, Hungary 09.10.2021.

Palma's Parents



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